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I'm not sure I'm glad I took a few extra minutes to read Peggy Noonan's latest column from the link on the Drudge Report. She articulates in her piece what I feared from my experience and my observations to be the case. 

America is in trouble she says.  Our government is so overwhelmed that it is on the verge of not working to meet the steady and serious challenges that it faces.  This is not a George W. Bush thing or the fault of the Democrats necessarily. 

Our government is so big that it's almost beyond the point of being manageable.  But, more importantly, the problems that we face are nonstop, deadly serious and incessant.  It's more than we are able to handle, she says.

I could see that in August when the levees broke in New Orleans and when CNN broadcast from the New Orleans Convention Center.  Civil order vaporized because there was girdlock at all levels.  You could keep adding to the list until the seasons change.

Noonan's column is clear, but its message is hard.  Hard times are coming, she says.  History is going to be rewritten.  I feel this is something that needs to be thrown out and discussed.  It's so easy to put a false hope in a political party and in their prospects to be a change agent. 

Is Noonan right in her concerns?  Are we at the verge of governmental collapse from so many needs?  Where does the hope lie?