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Attorney General Mike Cox's explanation of affair is not enough

Yup, there it was on the Michigan Legislature's website.  Our state's compiled laws state clearly that adultery is a felony. 

I looked this up after reading this morning's Lansing (MI) State Journal and a story containing excerpts from an interview with Attorney General Mike Cox who self-disclosed an extra-marital affair he had.  With his wife at his side, he made the disclosure at a news conference.

Chris Andrews, the longtime State Capitol reporter for the State Journal, asked Cox to comment on a reader comment that the AG's admission showed that he committed a felony.  That sent me to the online version of the Michigan Compiled Laws where there's a law that states adultery is indeed a felony.

Cox's answer was insufficient, in my opinion.

Michigan's top law enforcement officer said, in the interview, "I have no idea" on whether adultery is a felony.  Well, it is.  Check it out.

Given another story in the local section of the State Journal about some of our state lawmakers pushing to have the Ten Commandments displayed in the State Capitol Building, I am incredulous.  Well, not really.  Cox's response, the lack of response from the bevy of evangelical Christian lawmakers, all point to the old axim about reaction is driven by whose ox is being gored.

Before I vote for Cox again, I need to hear more from him and not his PR handlers. 

I know what my late-father's infidelities did to my mother.  He broke a trust with her and it left an indelible imprint on her heart until the day she died.

I feel that Mike Cox broke a trust with his wife and he broke a trust with the people of the state of Michigan.  It's a law that you can't have sex outside of marriage and he arrogantly brushed that aside.  Maybe the law needs to be taken from the books.  But, it's still there.

Our culture takes marriage much too lightly.  Our Attorney General demonstrates that with his behavior.

It would be nice if the ballot next year provided three choices, one for Cox, one for the Democrat and one for none of the above.