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Christmas and political correctness at Michigan's State Capitol

Are you sick of Christmas?

I mean, are you sick of the paranoia about the birth of Jesus Christ that results in removing everything that refers to him from any part of the Christmas celebration?

That's what the Lansing State Journal's John Schneider writes about this morning in his column.  In front of the Michigan State Capitol Building there has always been a big Christmas tree.  There used to be a manger with the baby Jesus, along with Mary and Joseph and others.  That has changed.

Michigan no-longer has a Christmas tree.  It has a Holiday Tree.

  •   What's the practice in your area?
  •   Have we gone overboard in trying to be sensitive to everybody's feelings?

What about people who say "Merry Christmas" or do they say "Happy Holidays" instead?

  •   Have we gone too far?

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