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Dr. Randy Carlson--get his Word on Relationships Commentary

Because I grew up in a single-parent home as an only child, I knew I faced challenges when it came to relationships of all kinds, especially the opposite sex.  I learned through the ups-and-downs of daily experiences.

Getting advice and counsel in this area as a kid and even as an adult was hard and just about non-existent.  My church was of no help and aunt and uncles had their own families and during the fifties and sixties and seventies, there wasn't much talk about relationships.

That's why I recommend Dr. Randy Carlson's FREE Word on Relationships Commentary. He tackles one relationship issue each month and does it from a biblical point of view.   But, just as important, it contains practical principles that you can use in your everyday life.

For example this month's issue is on Helping Hurting Friends.  On first glance, three things stand out in this issue.  He calls them Helper Hindrances:

  1. Don't be a counselor--You're a friend, not a counselor.  One role is different from the other.
  2. Don't be simplistic--Guard against giving overly simplistic answers.  Randy points to Job and his friends.
  3. Don't be biased--Don't over identify with your friend's problem to the point where you lose your objectivity.

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