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Lansing's Mayor-elect Virg Bernero is right about blogs, but . . .

I have held back the past week in commenting about the city elections in Lansing this past Tuesday where we elected a new mayor, Sen. Virg Bernero.  I feel the need now to rejoin the discussion.

There's one point with Mayor-elect Bernero that really needs to be affirmed.  On the revamped version of his personal website for the transition to the new administration, he talks about starting a virtual conversation with the people in Lansing, getting their concerns, views and ideas about what needs to happen in the city.  Hey, he is talking about a blog. 

If Virg is talking about holding a virtual interactive conversation with the people of Lansing, then that's great.  Right on.  He should be  encouraged.  Our city needs somebody to bring people and all their various groupings together.  There needs to be a common vision and somebody who can mobilize people to pull in the same direction.  And a well done blog could help.

I hope the new mayor truly understands what that means and I hope he understands how hard it is to hold a true ongoing conversation with the people you represent.  And to do it virtually is going to take a lot of work and patience. 

People in Lansing, particularly the bloggers needs to encourage Virg and help him use this great tool.

What do you say?