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Michigan lawmakers fight to display Ten Commandments

There's another story in this morning's Lansing State Journal about how certain Michigan lawmakers are fighting to have the Ten Commandments displayed in the State Capitol Building.

The Associated Press Story reports on a Michigan Capitol Committee meeting where the issue was discussed.

Is this issue worth the fight?  I believe that fights need to be picked carefully and I'm not convinced that this will have any lasting effect.  It seems to be an exercise in legislative pugilism.

People in Michigan are looking for hope.  There's so much uncertainty that you can cut it with a knife.  The Ten Commandments are the law and they show that we need help.

I propose that there be a manger scene, like there used to be on the State Capitol lawn.  Now that's worth the effort.  Scoffers will react with volume, but it will provide a chance to show and testify the location of the only true hope.

It's a classic case of law and gospel.  People need to hear about Jesus and they need to hear the testimony of the believers around them.