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Oakland County, MI issue: At what age do you become a senior citizen?

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Upscale Oakland County, just north of Detroit, has built a pretty nifty senior citizens center.  Local officials say their intent was to make the fitness center, pool and other parts of the facility available to folks 60 and older.

However, those describing themselves as junior seniors from ages 50-59 are using the new community center for older folks.  The Detroit Free Press describes the debate which will be decided by the local courts.

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Live-blogging Datelines "The Greatest Story Never Told?"

I'm live-blogging Dateline's The Greatest Story Never Told.  I'm impressed, so far.  It seems like producers are trying to present both sides of the question of whether the birth of Jesus as the son of God really happened.  MSNBC has some good info about the show. Commercial is just about over.

Next:  What scholars say about the trip of Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem--is the journey real?  Why were they going to Bethlehem?  Problem with story--Luke says Augustus there was census of whole earth.  One scholar says it never happened.  Another says not so.  Was it invented story?  Lesley Hazleton says Herod taxed so much it was oppressive.  Only Luke tells us about census.  What did they do in Bethlehem.  One scholar says they probably had to swear allegiance to king. 

Place and date of birth:  church of nativity.  Who determined location?  Date was determined by . . .commercial now. . .was there really no room at the inn?

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Lansing's Mayor-elect Virg Bernero is right about blogs, but . . .

I have held back the past week in commenting about the city elections in Lansing this past Tuesday where we elected a new mayor, Sen. Virg Bernero.  I feel the need now to rejoin the discussion.

There's one point with Mayor-elect Bernero that really needs to be affirmed.  On the revamped version of his personal website for the transition to the new administration, he talks about starting a virtual conversation with the people in Lansing, getting their concerns, views and ideas about what needs to happen in the city.  Hey, he is talking about a blog. 

If Virg is talking about holding a virtual interactive conversation with the people of Lansing, then that's great.  Right on.  He should be  encouraged.  Our city needs somebody to bring people and all their various groupings together.  There needs to be a common vision and somebody who can mobilize people to pull in the same direction.  And a well done blog could help.

I hope the new mayor truly understands what that means and I hope he understands how hard it is to hold a true ongoing conversation with the people you represent.  And to do it virtually is going to take a lot of work and patience. 

People in Lansing, particularly the bloggers needs to encourage Virg and help him use this great tool.

What do you say?

Shine public light on Egypt's arrest of critical blogger

I just read several blog posts about Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman, a 21-year-old law student at Al-Azhar University, who was arrested on October 26. His whereabouts are not known.  His crime was being critical of certain aspects or parts of Islam and of the government.  Freedom of expression needs to be held high and those being persecuted for it need to have the public spotlight shined on them to provoke positive change.

Kerry's e-mail to bring troops home now

I just got this John Kerry e-mail promoting a petition for bring 20,000 troops home from Iraq.  He engages in pretty inflammatory rhetoric about the war over there.

I wonder how Kerry would have viewed Hitler during this dictator's run in Europe, Africa and a good chunk of the world.  Would Kerry have seen Hitler as a threat?  Would he have wanted to bring the troops home from the various fronts of World War II?

MI political leaders agree on business incentive package

It was heartening to read in the Detroit Free Press that Michigan political leaders, both legislative and Gov. Granholm, have worked together to take steps to rescue our state's flagging economy. Details are sketchy and I wonder how'll they present it.  Will this be the answer and we can all now breath easy?  Or is it just the start?  Can they keep the momentum of working together going?

Our Savior in Lansing, MI has blogging pastors

The message of the church will always remain the same, but the means for delivering it has gone through many transitions.  Look at Martin Luther who tacked the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Church in Germany and starting an earthquake that shook the world.  He used a piece of paper and a nail.

Now pastors have blogs.  At least, mine do.  There's Pastor David Maier and Pastor Roy Olsen at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lansing, MI. 

They are pioneers in using this new channel of communication to build the church and spread the Gospel.  I really respect them taking the risk and the time with the goal of using it to build the Kingdom.

Detroit's in worse shape than New Orleans

As it faces an election for mayor, the city of Detroit is struggling with problems similar to many of those in the city of New Orleans.  And, according to a story in today's Lansing State Journal it's in need of a rescue.

Abercrombie & Fitch disses young women with shirts

I just saw this story in Newsday, linked on Drudge, about how Abercrombie & Fitch is taking another step to reduce our youth culture to its base hormonal level.

The clothier has a line of shirts for young girls that plays on their budding sexuality.

For instance, what mom wouldn't like to see their daughter wearing a fancy t-shirt that says:  Who needs brains when you have these.

What a statement about women!  Feminists should be going wild.  It's a real "dis" to all women.

Michigan's economy on the edge of a cliff, according to Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press today outlines Michigan's challenge in trying to keep it from going over the cliff as it tries to transition from manufacturing.