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I've not always been a big fan of newspaper editorials, but Ron Dzwonkowski of the Detroit Free Press nails it when he writes that Michigan's political establishment, including Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the State Legislature are letting it's people down.

In essence, he says, that Michigan's politicians are putting party and elections before what's best for Michigan.

I've seen it up close and personal as a retired employee from the Michigan Legislature and I've noticed this rancid political atmosphere particularly in the last seven years since we've had term limits.

Each politician is out for him or herself and each party only cares about winning.  At least, that's the appearance.  It's hard to read each politician's heart, but you can look at the product of their work and you can match up what they say with what they do.

Voters need to take heed and to take action and demand more of their political representatives. 

I'm a lifelong Republican and I feel that it's in my interest and my state's interest that Gov. Jennifer Granholm be successful in getting this state back on the right track.  If she fails, then our state just goes down farther and farther.

And Granholm needs to get off her partisan pedestal and work with Republicans like she has never before.  She needs to listen to them and show more respect than she has in the past.

Michigan is facing a political tsunami and could turn it into a post-industrial wasteland.  It's time that voters demand an end to non-productive partisianship.  If they don't, then we all lose.

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