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Reading the Detroit Free Press story about the short life and death of 9-month-old Malik O'Neil is hard.  There was suspected abuse in the past.  He was found dead in a basement.  Concerns about the child had been shared with the Michigan Department of Human Services. 

It's really hard to relate to the kind of behavior that results in a baby's death.  My instinct is to go right by such stories to accounts of how bad the Detroit Lions are this year.  Many people have the same reaction, I'm sure.

That's why abused and neglected kids need Gov. Jennifer Granholm to fill the vacant position of Ombudsman in the Michigan Office for Children's Ombudsman. It has been vacant since May.  It's job is to investigate the state's role in the protection of kids at-risk for abuse and neglect.

She and her director for the Michigan Department of Human Services seem to be uncomfortable with having this office provide a second set of eyes on how cases are handled for these kids who are at-risk for their lives.

The time has come for Gov. Granholm to appoint a qualified person to fill the role of Ombudsman for Children in Michigan.

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