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Era of whole families working in MI auto plants coming to end

History is being written in Michigan right now with the dimunition of the American auto industry.  For much of my life, I knew whole families who had members working in car plants.

I grew up in Bay City and it was not uncommon for brothers, sisters, kids, aunts and uncles to be scattered around various plants.  Some were white collar and some blue.  They knew they could have security and a good income.

The Detroit Free Press chronicles these changes showing how young people don't see opportunity anymore with American car companies.  It's kind of sad. 

Will Michigan be able to come together to keep the economy humming in this state.  The articles tell about how college graduates are choosing to work outside the state.  Too bad political leaders can't enlist these young people to be part of the reemergence of the Great Lakes state as job creator.

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