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I go back to prison tonight to be with dad's group

Do you think dads are important for their kids?

How about dads in prison?

Tonight my friend, Ken Alexander, and I go back to Deerfield Correctional Institution in Ionia to visit with the Long Distance Dads group.  This is a group of felons who are dads.  Some are close to their kids.  Some have had some exposure to their kids and some have had none.

But, this group of guys which has been participating in this 12-week program for almost five years has one thing in common.  They want to learn about being a dad.  For some, it's a tune-up and for others it's a completely new concept. 

For several years, I helped facilitate the discussions.  This year, we come in at the very end to share our dad experiences, from both perspectives of being a son and being a dad.

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