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More Millen-Detroit Lion hatred

Hatred for Matt Millen, the Detroit Lions president, is spreading to other college and pro sports venues.  DaveHoggs says, chants about firing Millen could be heard at a Red Wings game, as well as a Michigan State game.

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Detroit Lions sucked long before Millen

OddSnark makes a great point that the Detroit Lions sucked long before Matt Millen, its current president came on the scene.  In his comment about the Millen Man March before Sunday's game with the Bengals, Snark says there's nothing to say your displeased with a team more than a few burning cars.  Amen.  Not really.  Get real.

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Detroit Lions should be sold and move

Read this Detroit News story about fan reaction to the Detroit Lions as their well-deserved reputation as losers in the NFL.  Angry fans are organizing rallies, marches and putting up web sites to demand the firing of team president Matt Millen.

My reaction vacillates between apathy and incredulity.  I'm reminded of the late Detroit News and Free Press sports columnist who described sports as the toy department of life.  Give me a break.  This is just a game.  It's not life. 

Maybe we should demand that the Detroit Lions move to another city and take the Detroit Tigers with them.  They're losers too.  Would their leaving make any difference to the quality of life in Detroit or in Michigan.

The days of Al Kaline and Joe Schmidt and Alex Karras are long gone.  It has been spoiled by guys who make millions every year for playing a kid's game.  If they move, I can find other stuff to do with my time.  I bet we could find buyers for both Ford Field and Comerica Park.

Depression and suicide at Christmas time in mid-Michigan

In today's Lansing State Journal, columnist John Schneider writes about a real life story where a local dad took his Christmas depression to the ultimate conclusion. For many people, this is a rough time of the year.  Whatever the failings are of the State Journal, Schneider's column is almost worth the 50 cents a day.

Does story about school abstinence speaker reflect its political bias?

Read this story in today's Detroit Free Press about Jason Evert, a nationally-known speak on abstinence sex education, coming to Berkley, MI schools. The online story and headline makes it sound like there's swirling storm around this guy coming to the school district in this tony Oakland County suburb.

Check the school superintendent's response.  Then look for other evidence that this is a controversy.  I don't find it.  Is the Free Press trying to make news where none exists?  Is it there bias about anyone who says kids should wait to have sex?

Willow Creek Church says no to Christmas services on Sunday

Mega-churches are apparently nixing Christmas services this year because the annual celebration of birth of Jesus is on Sunday, according to a story in the New York Times.  It seems that big churches like Willow Creek in the Chicago-area feels its more family=friendly.  Hmm...anybody out there have any thoughts about this move?

Promise Keepers: Has Christian men's movement lost its fire?

Men's ministry:

  1. How would you rate its health? 
  2. Is it something that really exists in local churches or is it just a hope of several large evangelical organizations and a hint of what could be?

In my e-mail this afternoon was a newsletter from Promise Keepers, a group started by Coach Bill McCartney to help men grow in their Christian faith.  I remember the first PK event I attended. I really felt fired up and so did the men in my church.  Our guys even had a regular Bible study.  And then it died.

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Snow blower didn't start; thank-God for Gary my neighbor

When I tried to start my snow blower this morning, I had no luck.? In October 2004, I went to Sears and bought my first snow thrower, their Model 88700.? Living in mid-Michigan, I was tired of watching my neighbors whizz through the heaviest of now, while I struggled with a snow shovel.

Using it last year was great.? I finally felt that I had found a way to cut my captivity to snow when it came our way.? That's why I was anxious to use it this morning.

I followed all the steps in the manual.? The gas was fresh and the oil was full and clear.? That's why I was disappointed when it didn't work.? The electric starter would turn it over, but it wouldn't start.

That's when I asked my neighbor Gary who lives across the street for help.? He got out a can of ether-based starting fluid and spray it in the air filter.? Then, instead of pressing the primer button the four times recommended by the manual, he did it at least ten times.

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Indiana House of Representatives prayer in Jesus name follow-up

The Indy Star had a second day story about the federal court opinion prohibiting Indiana House members from using the name of Jesus in their prayers.  This has implications for all kinds of public bodies.  It will be important to follow and react to.

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Indiana House of Reps told to not pray in Jesus' name

I'm offended by the federal judge who told the Indiana House of Representatives that they could not open sessions where they pray in the name of Jesus.

They are only allowed to pray general, all-inclusive prayers when they exercise a practice that's as old as this nation.  Today's Indy  Star provides the details.

If you are a Christian, think about  the effect of the judge's action.  First, he  takes away the rights of  Christians.  Their freedom is severely eroded.  And then when Jesus tells us to pray, he tells us to pray in his name.  That's the only way we can pray.

Now don't take me wrong.  I believe and practice giving respect to those who believe differently than me.  This includes everybody from agnostics, to Bahai's, to Muslims and to Wiccans.

I hope that Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma respectfully disregards the ruling and that he appeals it too.  There's got to be a point where  Christians draw a line in the sand and  like Martin Luther declare,  Here I stand.

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Downsized paychecks in Michigan and what it means in everyday life

In Michigan, the automobile industry is winding down after a long run as a wealth-producer for a lot of its residents.  For those who still have jobs, pay has been cut significantly.  The Detroit News this morning has a good feature story showing the human side of these changes.

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