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No opening prayer in Indiana House session

From Lansing, MI, this story will brighten your day

During my online read this morning of the daily newspapers, from the Detroit Free Press to the Indy Star, I was struck by the nothingness of what's being reported. 

Okay, it's neat to hear the words new muscle cars coming from the auto show and the execs from the auto companies saying they will get their act together and start listening to their customers.

But, I found a ray of sunshine in the Lansing State Journal in John Schneider's column.  He's almost worth the price of the subscription.

He writes about a cab driver who plays the role of a real life good samaritan to a couple and their child from Biloxi, MS.  The cabbie had never seen them before, but goes out of his way to help them with his time and with his own money.

The cabbie's name is Wing Dot Lum.  I'm not doing justice to the story about what he did.  It's worth a read.  He's a real example for me and everybody else.  He does what a lot of us only talk about.

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