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In Michigan, how does state rate in providing higher education?

How does Michigan rate in providing its kids with higher education?

Jack Lessenberry in his blog of Essays and Interviews looks at a state effort to examine that question.  The Cherry Commission, chaired by Lt. Gov. John Cherry, supposedly looked at the issue from all angles and made many recommendations for change.

In a radio interview, Lessenberry interviews Cherry about progress that has been made to give the state's children the education they need to succeed in a changing economy.  Cherry is optimistic.  Lessenberry says the optimism is fed election year political optimism of his boss, Gov. Jennifer Granholm.  He has a link to the audio interview, but Lessenberry doesn't provide a link to the Cherry Commission Report.

I would be anxious to see if parents, students and policy-makers agree that Michigan is making progress in getting our kids to college and then graduating them.

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