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Pacesetter Mortgage head lends blog for community discussion

Dave Porter has made a real sweet offer to the mid-Michigan area.  He's the president of Pacesetter Mortgage in Okemos, MI who has lent more than a billion bucks over two decades and he want to help our area during a time of dramatic transition.

With a brand new mayor in Lansing, our State Capital city, and with an economy that's trying to adjust to life with a dramatically downsized automobile industry, Porter has volunteered his Pacesetter Mortgage Blog as a virtual townhall for residents to use to share their questions, answers and observations. 

He also sees it as a place for Lansing's new Mayor Virg Bernero and other mid-Michigan leaders to stop and listen and contribute as everybody tries to reach a consensus on how to change, grow and prosper.

Think about it.  This is a real opportunity for this part of the state.  Groups that should respond include teachers of all ages from the Lansing School District, the East Lansing, Dewitt and Okemos School Districts, the Michigan Education Association, the United Auto Workers, the Michigan State University community and everybody else who would describe themselves as a stakeholder.

As the dean of mortgage brokers in the area, he knows how to moderate discussions about tough issues.  And, he knows how to use the new media that lends itself to this kind of discussion.  He knows  how to build communities through the internet.  He is doing it with his business.

What an opportunity.  I used his blog to put in my two-cents worth.  Only positive things can happen with this kind of dialogue.

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