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Saul's right: U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow needs to fess up about Abrahamoff connections

Saul Anuzis, chair of the Michigan Republican Party, needs to take a bow for his tech prowess.  He's not afraid to use technology to get a message across.

In his new blog, "That's Saul, folks!", he makes a great point about our United States Senator, Debbie Stabenow.  Her growing self-righteousness about President Bush, about Republicans and about Jack Abramoff, has become really irritating and grating.

National Dem chair Howard Dean said that any member of his party in Congress who did Abramhoff's bidding for Indian casinos and received money from them should be disciplined severely.

There's clear evidence that Debbie has done both.  She has been an advocate in Washington for Indian gaming and she has received campaign money for it. 

It's time for the Democrats to clean their own house.  Good place to start is with our own Senator.  She needs to humble herself and confess that she's part of the problem and not the solution.  I'm ready to go door-to-door for Mike Bouchard and I live in Debbie's old neighborhood. 

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