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Five affirmations for friendship by Dr. James McDonald of Walk In The Word

I can't believe that ten years from now I'll be almost 70-years-old.  I'm humbled by what I've experienced and learned.  But, more importantly, I've come to another realization and I'm almost embarrassed to say this.

I have so much more to learn.  You would think that by age 59, you would have it pretty much together.  But, I don't.  However, I feel that I'm moving forward.  Something I picked up this morning:

Some context:  Over the years I've tried many things to start my day, including going to the YMCA.  That's good, but not the best.  To keep my day focused and to keep my heart right, I need to start it with God.

This morning:  I listened to a podcast from Dr. James McDonald of how the Bible defines real friendship.  As an example he pointed to the relationship of David and Jonathon.

From 1 Samuel 23, McDonald gets five affirmations of friendship:

  1. I will be there during times of hardship:  Jonathon's dad, Saul, was out to kill David.  But, he made it clear that he was still behind his friend, David.  He'd be there.  He wasn't going anyplace.
  2. I will help you depend on God and not me:  David was dealing with a whole boatload of emotional problems.  Bitterness, discouragement were only two of them.  Jonathon was not the answer for David.  God was and that's where he pointed his friend.
  3. I will seek to be a source of emotional stability for you:  he was a calming influence for David.   Jonathon was objective and clear-headed.
  4. I will be self-effacting and unashamed in my loyalty to you; He rejoiced in the fact that David was going to be the king and not him.  Loyalty is not blindness.  It's insistence that others see him as God sees him.
  5. I will verbalize my commitment to my friend.

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