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In Michigan governor's race, it's hard to not ask some questions

I almost feel guilty in raising questions about the upcoming political campaigns in Michigan for a variety of offices, all the way from U.S. Senator, to governor and to the whole Michigan Legislature.

My feelings come from how I perceive both political parties, Republicans and Democrats.  I am looking for principles and values that make them different from each other.  They should have differences, right? 

All I see is partisan blathering from both sides.  It's like trash talking the other team on a basketball court. 

The perception is that both parties are in this just to win and hold power and not to do something with it.

My guilt comes from being a lifelong Republican.  As a teenager, I got involved in poltics to make a difference.  I knew what I wanted and I worked for it.  The Republican Party stood for something and so did the Democratic party.

I'm sure my Republican friends will take umbrage at this.  But, I hope they take a look at how they are perceived.  I really want to be involved. But I want to be involved to move towards some end, to get some done and not just to hold power.

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