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Super Bowl chief Roger Penske profiled by Mitch Albom

Michigan leaders have wrung their hands over how to get stuff done in the city of Detroit for a long time.  To say that it has struggled is a severe understatement.  One guy who seems to be getting stuff done is Roger Penske, the head of the Super Bowl XL committee which is responsible for the big show on Sunday.

Mitch Albom, sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press, did a ride-along with Penske in the past few days as he was inspecting the city of make sure it was ready.  He spoke and things happened.  He should be mayor of Detroit.  Heck, he should be governor of Michigan. 

When I was in the Army, what he had was called command presence.  When he walks into the room, you know he's there and you want to follow his orders.

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