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I'm back after a hiatus in Mali, West Africa for a short-term mission trip

I'm back to the Daily Grit after a several week break that took me to Mali, West Africa for a short-term mission trip.  I got back late yesterday afternoon and I'm ready to resume life in mid-Michigan.

Here's what's on my mind this morning, St. Patrick's Day 2006:

  • The best job I've ever had--being a dad:  Today is my daughter, Krista's 24th birthday.  Her birth started a chain of events in my life that has given me unspeakable satisfaction and joy.  I'm really proud of her and who she is and I'm honored to have played a role in her life.
  • Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns:  If you have a spare 99 cents go to iTunes and download this song.  This is a song for anybody who has ever had their back pushed right to the wall.  It provides a roadmap that gets you to the other side.  I had that test while on my trip to Mali.  Check out my Mali blog for more details.
  • Taking life for granted and not being thankful: I think about the national Malians that I just left and I see the hard living conditions, the lack of food, lack of medical care and lack of opportunity and future.  That really struck me.  I'm not sure what I can do, but I have my ears on.  I'm listening.
  • Importance of having a good mechanic:  Before I left my mechanic told me I needed $1,400 in repairs.  One involved an oil leak from the engine.  I'm not a car guy.  Since I've been home the car seems to be running worse than when I took it in.  I hope they take this seriously and make it good with mi≈nimal inconvenience and cost.

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