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MI Democratic Chair Mark Brewer should resign

MI Dem Chair Mark Brewer should stop acting like a thug

Michigan Democratic Chair Mark Brewer needs to stop acting like a thug and start making a case for his party's vision for this very stressed state.  Why do I say this?

He goes to the headquarters of Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick Devos and deliberately provokes a confrontation on private property. It's a great way to get play in the media, but does nothing to show me what the Democrats stand for on the important issues of the day.

I would like to see a real debate in Michigan on the issues and how the candidates identify and address them.  So far, Mark Brewer acts more like a political hood from Belarus, rather than Michigan.  Our citizens, regardless of party, deserve better.

My hope is that someday soon Michigan will be perceived as an opportunity state.  I want my adult kids who live in other states to be able to realize opportunity and not the insecurity that exists now.

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