MI Dem Chair Mark Brewer should stop acting like a thug
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MI Democratic Chair Mark Brewer should resign

After his civil disobedience at the Dick Devos for Governor Headquarters, Michigan Democrat Chair Mark Brewer needs to self-excommunicate himself from leadership in the state party.  It's time for him to step down.

Think about what he did.  He purposefully violated private property to cause disruption and make political hay.  When students at Michigan State University did this after a basketball game a few years ago, they were arrested and fined heavily. 

When Brewer talks about public schools, what kind of example is he for our children?  Do you want your child to grow up and act like that? 

Gov. Granholm needs somebody else at the helm of her state party.  There are plenty of Democrats who act with respect and who know how to debate issues and not violate the law.

Term-limited State Rep. Mike Murphy is a good example.  He's a passionate spokesman for the Democratic view and role of government.  But, he's also the epitome of class, unlike Brewer.

Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis is an issues man.  He's passionate and is driven by principles, but you would never see him engage in some cheap law-breaking stunt to get publicity.

Michigan Democrats deserve better.

Oh yeah, Mark Brewer needs to publicly apologize to Dick Devos for the unlawful intrusion of his private space.

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