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Baby-boomer retirees: Have you been touched by law of inertia?

In my post just before this one, I talked about how I was experiencing some inertia in my life.  I've been retired from my day job and I'm looking for the next chapter to start.

As part of working my way through this, I've been listening to Family Mentor Circle CD's from Dr. Randy Carlson of the radio program Parent Talk. In his montly teachings he has been emphasizing the importance of living an intentional life where you make sure that you don't flip flop like a dying fish from one day to another.

In January of this year, he talked about how inertia can take over your life.  He defined the law of inertia as:


Any object--either sitting still or moving forward--will continue to do so unless an external, and usually greater force is impressed upon it. 

He says that inertia  is at work in life as well.

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