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Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm answers state office phone calls from India

Where's legislative oversight when you need it?

I'm referring to Gov. Jennifer Granholm and her handler, Michigan Democratic Chair Mark Brewer carping about a Republican candidate opening an operation for his company in China.

Here's John Schneider from the Lansing State Journal writing his column about a woman trying to get help from a state government office and she's connected right to . . . an office in India.

Is that a double-standard?  How many more state phone calls are taken in India or another foreign country?  Why isn't the Republican-led Michigan Legislature holding oversight hearings on this?  Voters deserve the whole story, past, present and future.

It's too easy to write this off as politics.  But, there comes a time where truth has to come into play.  If you can't trust the people serving you, then there's a real problem.  I think we have a real problem.

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