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Millions of dollars are spent at election time around the country for the campaigns of state legislative candidates.  If they haven't been already, individual campaign contributors, as well as political action committee (PACs) will be hit up to contribute big money.

With primary and general elections getting closer, it's time to ask what voters get for all the money that's spent on semi-trucks full of literature and signs and an endless avalanche of mail touting the virtues of one candidate over another.

After reading the literature and mail and after listening to the tv and radio spots, do you feel like you know the people running for these important offices?

  • Character and values:  Do you get a glimpse into what makes them tick?  What are their values?  How does their talk match their walk?  Do they give you enough information to get a feel for this?
  • Issues affecting the voters:  Do they identify what they feel are the important issues affecting the people they want to represent?  Are they specific, saying more than they are for good education and schools? 
  • Answers and solutions:  Do they provide specific answers and tell why they their proposal would work?
  • Skills they need and will bring to the job:  Can they identify the skills they will need to do the job and get their ideas implemented?  What makes them think they have these skills? 

The list could be a lot longer, but this is a start. 

Time has come for candidates to get more transparent and open in dealing with the voters.  What's wrong with being real?  Voters need to demand this.

For candidates:  Would any of them be interested in providing drafts of past, present or future campaign lit for an online campaign marketing lab where online viewers could provide reaction?

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