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My son, the Undercover Geek, became aware of Michigan's item pricing law at a very young age.  This law mandates that many if not most of the items on state store shelves need to have a price on them. 

At a very young age for him, we made grocery shopping an excuse for a guy's morning out.  We would invariably go to Meijers on Lake Lansing Road on the northside of our state's capital city.  Too often, we would find many items without any kind of a price.  We then pulled out the state's Item Pricing Law and we were disappointed to see that a proud chain like Meijer's so openly violated the law.

Then this morning, I read the story in the Detroit News about Attorney General Mike Cox wailing away at Wal-Marts for doing a similar thing.  They were fined more than $700,000.

Why isn't the enforcement of this important law more widespread?  Why not Meijers?  Just last Saturday, my wife and I went to Meijers on West Saginaw in Lansing to buy a step stool.  No prices to be found.  Go to the grocery aisle and it's still a problem with many items.

It's hard to respect the law when it's so easily flaunted by major corporate entities in the state and consumers pay the price. 

Wal-Mart's corporate spokesman, in the Detroit News story, said very few shoppers look for items on individual items.  They look on shelves.  Sometimes they are not there. Am I the only one to find this a problem?

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