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Let's put "body mass index" on student report cards

Does your local school have food police to make sure your kids eat the right stuff?

Local, state and national politicians are more and more stepping into the role of being surrogate parents for our kids, especially in the kinds of foods they can eat at school.

Take Arkansas, for instance.  The state had a porky governor, Mike Huckabee, who lost 100 pounds and who has a passion to see that obesity is eliminated.  In his state, schools include each student's B.M.I or body mass index along with their grades. 

Does legislating what students can eat at school result in healthier kids? 

Our town's mayor, Virg Bernero introduced legislation when he was a state lawmaker to prohibit the sale of pop or soda in public schools.  He was passionate about it.  The bill never made it beyond first base.  If it had passed would it have had any discernible health effect?

Where do parents start having responsibility for their kids and for training them?

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