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Michigan Job Watch: Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson needs to move to the Great Lakes State

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson just announced that Fed Ex was bringing 800 jobs to his city.  This is a real deal.  Look at his city.  It's booming, compared to Michigan.

When has a Michigan mayor or governor, for that matter, been able to make an announcement like this?  I can't remember one time in the past several years.

The state of Michigan is mired in the mud of old do-nothing, complain all-the-time Democratic thinking.  And that points to the top politician in the state, Gov. Jennifer Granholm. 

She owes and Michigan's people deserve an explanation about what her jobs people did to procure these jobs for our state.  Probably nothing.  They were probably too busy hatching strategies to pass the word that her Republican challenger, Dick Devos, comes from a wealthy family.  So what?

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