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Michigan politicians need to answer for letting Indian casinos off the hook for $300 million

When I read the online version of the Detroit Free Press this morning, my reaction to the story about the Indian casinos was simple. Michigan voters might want to consider doing away with the State Legislature.  At times, they seem to be nothing more than window dressing to give voters the impression that they are being represented.

The state of Michigan cheated itself out of $300 million worth of payments from its first batch of Indian casinos and that amount is sure to grow, according to the story.

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And, then there's the kicker, state gambling officials admit that they perform virtually no oversight of the many Indian casinos in the state. They say they just don't have the manpower. Indian officials reply that they can be trusted. Don't worry.

I will read this again when I get home from church. But, with a first reading, it looks like legislative reaction is nothing more than the yelping of a new legislator who's still learning where all the bathrooms are in the state complex.