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As we buckle up for another statewide political campaign in Michigan, I keep asking myself about which candidate for governor would be best for bring our state through some teeth-gritting transitions.

The liberals in this state mock and ridicule Dick Devos because he was born into a wealthy family.  The left-wingers point to the imaginary silver spoon in his mouth and to the big yacht that his father owns.

And, they take political meanderings in the mind of the state Democratic chairman about Devos and charges that he shipped Michigan jobs to China. 

Put aside your partisan prejudices, you can see that all these charges, concerns and ridicule of Devos is pure bunkem. 

So, who can best help restore the lost jobs in Michigan, our current governor, Jennifer Granholm, a former political appointee in Wayne County, or somebody who has a record of running a big company and other smaller ones? 

Granholm has been governor for four years and good paying jobs are racing out of the state.  Look at Wyoming which is holding job fairs in our state for the hundred of jobs it has.

Devos needs a fair look by everybody. 

I can't wait for the day when Michigan holds job fairs in other states.  Best one to make that happen, it seems to me is Dick Devos.

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