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My Congressman should blog about this: Earmarks in the federal budget

If Congressman Mike Rogers who represents my area were to start blogging, here's something I would like to hear his transparent, honest and unvarnished opinion about:

  • Explain your feelings about the infamous "earmarks" in the federal budget.
  • Have you ever had earmarks placed in the budget for our congressional district or other congressional districts?
  • Do you feel that earmarks are appropriate and should they be continued?
  • Why don't you talk about earmarks and the budget in your newsletters?
  • How did he vote on the Alaska bridge to no-where? 

I found this editorial from Examiner.com which reports that when the U.S. House of Representatives considered lobbying reform, it included provisions providing more disclosure of budget earmarks.  But, then in the fine print, it provided waivers of disclosure for many.

Has he already talked about these issues and I just missed it?  I doubt it.

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