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Japanese car-makers: Do they have as many recalls as American companies?

Chrysler just announced  that it was recalling about 45,000 brand-new Dodge Chargers and Magnums and Chrylser 300 models because of possible brakfe fluid leaks which could lead to engine compartment fires.

My baby-boomer friends say that this never happens with Janpanese cars.  With their Toyotas and other brands, they mainly have to be concerned about oil changes and other very ordinary maintenance.

Do Japanese auto-makers have as many recalls as American counterparts?  My guess is that they don't.

Whose fault is the recalls?  Is it our workers who are among the highest paid in the world?  Or is it flaws in the manufacturing process?

Living in Michigan which is look at jumping in the economic abyss, I would like to think that my next vehicle would be American.  From a maintenance point of view I might be better served with a foregin car.

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Promise Keepers: Do they have a real blog or a pretend one?

My son and I have been going to Promise Keepers events for more than a decade.  It has been great father-son-God time.  However, on the web, PK has always seemed to be a few steps behind.  For the blogosphere:  Check out their blog.  What do you think?  Is this a real blog?  What are they missing?  Are they communicating as effectively as they could?

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Detroit Free Press editor Ron Dzwonkowski writes about moving to Michigan from Cleveland

I first met Ron Dzwonkowski, the op-ed page editor for the Detroit Free Press, when he was the State Capitol correspondent for Associated Press in Lansing.  I was the pressroom manager where he worked out of.

In the eighties, he went on to the Detroit Free Press where he ultimately became the editorial page editor.  He has been an effective thought leader and a voice for consensus in southeastern Michigan and the rest of the state.

In today's paper, he writes about his move as a youth from Cleveland to Detroit.  As Michigan stumbles through some serious changes, what he writes is worth reading.  We live in a great state going through some big changes.  Good stuff Ron.

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Beaners on a Friday morning in Lansing, Michigan

Sun's out and it's almost warm outside, the makings of a nice weekend.  I'm here at Beaners on South Cedar in Lansing using their wi-fi.  It's the perfect place to start off the weekend. 

It's a place where you can escape the harsh edge of the economy and the polarizing forces of contemporary politics.  The coffee's good and the wi-fi gives you capabilities to roam the world. 

I like Starbucks, but I think I like Beaners better.  More later.

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