Advice for building successful stepfamilies
How often did your dad say, "I love you?"

Ten Commandments for Our Family--Guiding principles for family life

This is hanging in our hallway and is a constant reminder.  We got it when we went on an Alaska Cruise with Dr. Randy Carlson of Parent Talk On Call:

Ten Commandments for Our Family
Guiding principles for family life—

We promise to:
1.    Protect each other from harm.
2.    Be patient with each other
3.    Be trustworthy-so we can be trusted
4.    Say I’m sorry and really mean it
5.    Be self-controlled
6.    Be as polite to each other as we are to guests
7.    Celebrate each other’s victories
8.    Stay close to each other during times of defeat and loss
9.    Speak to each other with words of kindness and respect
10.    Never, ever give up on each other

Based on First Corinthians 13 as written by Dr. Randy Carlson of Family Life Communications and the radio call-in program Parent Talk

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