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As we face the start of another campaign for Michigan governor, it's fair to ask the question.  Who has the responsibility for a third of this year's Michigan State University graduates saying they will leave the state for their first job?

Read the story in today's Lansing State Journal and it's clear that the new grads just don't have enthusiasm about staying here.

This is an issue that's going to be politicized to death and it deserves more.  Gov. Jennifer Granholm has been at the steering wheel of the state for the past four years.  And, this is where we are.  How much longer are we going to wait for something to happen during her watch as governor?

When will the Democrats realize that businesses have to have a reason, they have to have incentive to locate here?  And, they don't have it now.

It's got to change or Michigan will start looking more and more like a Third World country.

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