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My Congressman should blog about this: Earmarks in the federal budget

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers: Time to stop your mailings and keep money in U.S. Treasury

This full-color brochure from Congressman Mike Rogers and paid for by the tax payers has been sitting on my file cabinet for a couple of weeks and it's time to pitch it.  But, before I do . . .

I want my Congressman to know that he should take me off his mailing list and put the cost of mailing this stuff to me back in the U.S. Treasury.  This piece, titled Michigan Jobs Update, displays newspaper headlines about how Rogers has talked rough about China and its trade policies.  He even has some legislation.  So what?

Inside this mailer, there's page two with two paragraphs and some bullets about enforcing free trade and then a list of proposals described as his Energy Agenda.  Then on page three, there's a few hand-wringing paragraphs about healthcare costs.  That leaves the address page which is dominated by a screenshot of his website.

It doesn't connect with me and I'm a conservative Republican.  It reads like a PR piece and doesn't convince me that he's connecting with or compassionate about those who live in Lansing. 

It would be too easy to say he should have a blog.  But for a blog to be effective, he has to value transparency and he has to be committed to communicating with his consituents.  I'm not impressed with his efforts so far.

I'm becoming more and more disillusioned by both parties.  It would be too easy to stay home this November and not vote.  I'm not sure that my voting or my participation in a campaign makes a difference anymore.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I will be looking for an answer in the weeks to come.

How much money could have been saved if he hadn't done this mailing?  $100,000?  How much does it cost to start a blog?  Go to and it's free.
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