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A tragic mix-up in the death of Taylor University student unites world in online prayer chain

The mix-up in identifying two young Michigan women who are students at Taylor University in Indiana has drawn world-wide attention.  The students who were involved in a tragic I-69 accident that killed others were mistaken for each other.

Because of the coroner's mix-up the parents of Laura VanRyn thought there daughter was still alive, while the parents of Whitney Cerak thought their daughter was killed in the accident.  It was actually the exact opposite.

Through each day's stories you could taste the pain that must be felt by both families.  My heart was heavy like a lead shield. 

Then, I saw (1) this story by David Crumm of the Detroit Free Press about how (2) people around the world were responding with prayers for the families. And, then I saw (3) the blog by the friends and families of Laura VanRynn where readers left 300 and 400 comments at each post.

Wow.  Praise God.  As we approach Pentecost Sunday on the Christian church calendar this is a real movement of the Holy Spirit.  Something bad that has happened is being used for something good.

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