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"Dumb and dumber" star Jeff Daniels to sell Michigan as place to do business

Michigan born actor Jeff Daniels will be leading a national campaign to lure employers to our state.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is using $10 million of taxpayers money to use the star of Dumb and Dumber and Escanaba in da Moonlight. 

How will Daniels resonate with the people who hold the power to make job creation decisions?  Is he the best we can do?  Who would have been a better spokesman for Michigan as a great place to do business?

I'm sure Daniels is a good guy, but he seems to excel at playing buffoon type roles.  Am I missing something?  How much is he being paid for his work?

If Dick Devos was governor, who would he have picked to be a spokesman for Michigan to job providers?

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