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Indiana's recipe for getting Honda assembly plant

Gov. Granholm's failure to land Honda plant for Michigan being talked about in Aspen, CO

Gov. Granholm's dismal performance in landing the new Honda assembly plant for Michigan has been a subject of discussion here in Aspen where I am attending a conference.  Eyes roll when her name is mentioned and sympathy is expressed at our state's downward spiral as a place to work and raise a family.

What I find amazing is this cut from an interview done with Gov. Granholm by WJR in Detroit when she was in Japan trying to coax companies to get more involved in our state.  When asked by Paul W. Smith if she was meeting with Honda, she replied that she was too booked to visit the  car company.

Now we have the news that Honda is going to locate their new assembly plant in southeast Indiana.  Michigan loses to the Hoosier state one more time.  How many more times can our state afford to take a hit like this?

It would be easy to get partisan about this and start trash talking about Gov. Granholm.  But, it's clear to me that she doesn't have an "A-game" when it comes to competing with other states for new jobs.

In her television spots, she brags about how she will go any place, any time to fight for jobs.  If she had lived up to that, you would expect to see some evidence of that happening.  There appears to be none.

She used to be corporation counsel for Wayne County.  Perhaps, she might be an effective county commissioner in the Detroit area.  But, she hasn't shown that she can get the job done as governor.

I mourn for all the jobs that were lost with the Honda plant.  If Gov. Granholm was such a fighter for jobs, you would expect to see some scars on her showing that she put up a fight with the other states to get the Honda plant.  Look at her and you don't see one hair out of place.

Yeah, Dick Devos,  you are right.  It's time for a change.  I think most everybody else in Michigan feels that way too.

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