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Michigan's State Capital city, Lansing, is struggling big time to remain a livable place for everybody from newborns to senior citizens.  It seems like it keeps slipping and slipping.  The exodus from our city is stunning and debilitating.

Lansing public schools expect to lose more than 500 students this fall.  It means more cutbacks for an already troubled school district.  We take another giant-sized step away from being a place where people want to live.

Our city leadership seems to be an updated version of past administrations and past city councils.  Instead of the city council being a bunch of good old boys, we have added good old girls.  They thrust and parry with the mayor and he responds.

Now our mayor, Virg Bernero, picks a fight with nearby township officials.  In a speech, he cusses them out for not embracing a regionalistic approach.  Perhaps, he's talking about tax base-sharing.  He says they need to have their heads knocked together.

Put some context on this.  He's reasonably young and he's in the first-year of his first term.

How did his snarky remarks affect our local township officials?  They were insulted.  Bernero's remarks continued and only got more insulting.

Did he advance Lansing's case by this approach?  I think not.  He needs to apologize and start over.  Seriously.  If he doesn't, the only ones who will benefit will be the Realtors handling the home sales of those leaving the city.

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