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Oslstrings1_2 If we asked everybody in the blogosphere who went to a Lutheran grade school to raise their hands, I bet we could fill a stadium or two with alums.

That's why I mention this post from one of our pastors, Roy Olsen, a recent graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  He's a blogger and members of our church, Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lansing, MI are the beneficiaries.

In his post, PRO, as we call him, writes about two groups in our congregation who are at opposite ends of the generational spectrum, grade school kids and senior citizens.  At our grade school, Our Savior Lutheran School, we have an incredible music program and the grade schoolers played for the seniors at a special service and luncheon. 

Both groups loved it.  The seniors were able to witness the benefits of all the sweat and money that went into the building of the church and the school about 50 years ago.  The Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church was built on the strong value of supporting Christian day schools.

These schools have been able to move with a changing culture and adjust teaching styles and mechanisms, but never changing the message about Jesus Christ and what he did and the eternal hope that rests with him.

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