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Michigan is Detroit; is that true or false?

The grand poobahs of Michigan--political, business and educational--just got done meeting at Mackinac Island.  They meet to find common ground to the huge challenges this state faces.

Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist, covered breakfast remarks from Malcom Allen, a consultant specializing in helping areas brand themselves and reports that he said Michigan must start seeing itself for what it is:

  • Michigan is Detroit. We forget or seem too unfocused to care that
    outside the state, outside the country, Michigan is defined by its
    largest city. It is Motown and cars.
In addition to emphasizing our state's identity with cars, he said that every competing effort to define Michigan as anything else is an exercise in confusion and delusion.

Essentially, we need to be who we are and who we have been, the world's capital for cars.

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