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Thank-you Krista and Justin for anniversary dinner at Hotel Jerome in Aspen

Img_0001_1My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last week.  Being empty-nesters with our kids in different states, we had a nice, but muted time observing our wedding on June 20, 1981.  It was Gladys, our Beagle-Snoopy and me. 

Our kids knew we were coming to Aspen and surpised us with a prepaid order what you want at one of the nicest places in town, the Garden Terrace at the well-known Hotel Jerome.

Hey, this place is nice.  It was first class food with first class service.  It was one of the few times that I ordered from a wine menu.  Usually, it's give me something red or white or something that goes with pizza. 

Then, we met with friends, Dan and Lara Stoelting for after dinner coffee where we drank with coffee made with a press. 

Img_0003_1 Best part of all was knowing this was from our kids.  It made this an uniquely special time.  Our kids are special.  They are a blessing from God.  Thank-you Father for our marriage and our children.

By the way, we are at a Grace Place Retreat, a ministry serving Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastors and teachers giving them and spouses a chance to tune-up relationships with each other and with God.  It's good, real good, I'm glad we were invited.