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BarCamp at RIT in Rochester, New York

When Justin told me that he was one of the sponsors of Rochester barcamp this coming Saturday--July 14--at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), I was thinking more along the lines of building a better Southern Comfort Manhattan.

But my frame of collegiate reference is Michigan State University during the turbulent sixties when academics seemed to center around the virtues of Stroh's versus a Hamm's.  And grad students upped it a notch talking about Southern Comfort versus Jim Beam.

That's not my son's Rochester barcamp.  It's a chance for all the geeks in the area and others with something to share about their research to share it with others in a very ad-hoc open environment.

Keep in mind that RIT is one of the outstanding tech schools in the world.  Other schools like MIT may come up with the theories, but it's RIT that gets it to work.  If you're in the Rochester area next Saturday, it's worth checking out.

I hope that they put up podcasts.  I'd love to be part of it that way.

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