Testifying before the Student Statesmanship Institute at Michigan State Capitol
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Dr. Kevorkian who cheapened life deserves to stay in prison

This morning's Detroit News has a story about how Dr. Jack Kevorkian wants to get out of prison because of an alleged terminal illness.  As I ate my oatmeal with banana on top, I felt sickened and saddened.

Kevorkian, the person who admitted to helping more than 100 people commit suicide, cheapened life in Michigan and around the world.  To him ending your own life was nothing more than like putting a dog down.

Look at how our culture has come to regard life since Kevorkian went to prison.  Today's Lansing State Journal includes a local story about how two of our teens shot to death a 24-year-old for "weed, cellphone and cash." 

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I know that there a lot of people who experience excruciating pain and they want it to end.  And, I know I could be in that position someday.  But, I know that my life will end.  I have an end date and it will come soon enough.

Kevorkian needs to serve his sentence.  Can our culture ever regain what he took from us, a respect for life?

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