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Local newspapers are heading towards life support, says

Big Bald Bobby was driving us  from the Inn at Aspen to the Hotel  Jerome downtown when we struck up a conversation about blogging.  He writes for when he's not working, downhill biking or skiing or spending time with his girlfriend.

He told how has become a local news source for the community and about how it routinely beats the local newspaper at stories.  Sounds like a perfect example of how mainstream media is losing influence while citizen journalism is gaining prominence.

So, I've been checking out this Aspen community blog on a regular basis and found this post on how newspapers are losing readers.  In fact, they are on a pretty steep downward spiral.  It will be a while before they crash and burn, but they are in a flame out mode.

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Check this out:  The post says that newspaper readership averaged 80.8 percent in 1964, went below 70 percent in 1980, below 60 percent in 1995 and stood at 51.6 percent in 2005.

I remember when I couldn't live without getting the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, in addition to the Lansing State Journal.  Now I read them online along with other papers. 

It used to be fun sitting in a coffeeshop with a fresh brewed cup and the paper.  I guess now it's with my iBook. 

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