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Pray for Etienne Kiemde and his ministry in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Etienne I spent a little more than two weeks in March on a short-term mission trip to Mali in West Africa.  While I was there I met the leader of a radio ministry in a neighboring country, Burkina Faso.

Etienne Kiemde, the general director of this Christian radio network, stayed for a couple of days at the same mission house in Bamako where our team was headquartered.  With him using his broken English and with me using my four words of French, I learned about how his stations were being used by God to carry the Gospel to places that normally would be hard to reach.

In an e-mail from a couple of days ago, he shared some of the response.  Listeners in Burkina Faso are responding to the love of Jesus Christ, he says, when they hear it over the radio.  They contact the radio station who are then contacted by volunteers.  The responders are people who have to deal with many social and cultural obstacles when accepting Jesus as their Savior.

For Christians all over the world, pray for Etienne, his family and his team and their efforts in their part of West Africa where lives are being changed forever.

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