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Real quick, Google for 'lansing mi church'

This opportunity may not last more than the next 20 or so days depending on when Google's spiders do their thing the next time.

Go to Google's search page and plug in: lansing mi church 


And then see what comes up in the number one position.  Right now, it's Our Savior Church in Lansing, Michigan, a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  It's taken almost two years worth of effort to get to this point with the search engines.

More than two years ago, some of its leaders made a decision to use the web as a dynamic source of information for the congregation and other interested parties.  My son and I played key roles in making the transition to Dreamweaver and Contribute.

Getting church leaders and members to transition from a predominantly paper-based communications paradigm has been another part of the effort.  Churches seem to be slow in crossing this rubicon, but they must if they want to communicate with changing generations.

The next challenge is to get the church school, Our Savior Lutheran School, and its portion of the website optimized to make it more competitive as parents use the web to shop for local schools.

It's exciting to be part of this and at times frustrating.  I would be glad to share insights with anybody who's interested.

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