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Testifying before the Student Statesmanship Institute at Michigan State Capitol

I have been invited to testify this afternoon before a group of student legislators from the Student Statesmanship Institute this afternoon at the Michigan State Capitol. 

My son, Justin, participated in this when he was in high school.  I was asked to testify on a bill that would prohibit sex offenders from ever adopting a child.  I was asked to be against the bill. 

My testimony:

Mister/madam chair

I appreciate the opportunity to come before your committee this afternoon to share my thoughts on a very important issue that affects each and everyone of us in some way.

But, first, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, to help you better understand my comments and the context they come from.My testimony has been shaped by my experience in this building and in various prisons around this state.

Please allow me to explain:

First, I am a retired legislative staffer.  I have worked on both sides of the legislature, the Senate and the House and I have worked for both parties. 

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Most recently, I worked for the House member who chaired the committee where this actual bill was considered and voted to the floor.  I am very familiar with it from both a policy perspective and a political perspective.

I should also note that I spent more than 15 years going in and out of prisons around throughout the state . . . as a volunteer for Prison Fellowship, the prison ministry started by Chuck Colson.