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Detroit public school teachers need public relations lesson

I get a real negative view of Detroit public school teachers from a picture in this morning's Detroit News.  Detroit Federation of Teachers members had just voted to strike and you can see the joy and the enthusiasm on the faces of striking teachers.

They look like the Detroit Lions had just won the Super Bowl finally.

Wow.  What is there to be happy about?  While workers around the state are losing their jobs, the teachers refuse to take a five percent cut.  In this picture, they look like self-serving union bullies.  If they don't get their own way, they shut the place down and here in a city where kids really need every bit of help they can get, there's no school.

I hope I'm missing something here.  I know how hard teachers work.  At least, that's my impression of public school teachers.  It might be that way only with private school teachers who probably get paid half of what their public counterparts get paid.

Public school teachers in Detroit need to tell their stories not with a picket line.  Try blogging.  Let us in outstate Michigan and inside the city know what your job is like.  Build a community of support.

Right now, I don't feel your pain.  But, I see the pain you're causing the children in Detroit.

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