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Don Vickers, Republican candidate in MI 67th, must not be serious about winning

Vickers4I bet Don Vickers would be a great neighbor.  I'm sure he loves his family and that we share many similar values.

He's the Republican candidate for the 67th House District in Michigan which includes some of the southside of Lansing and much rural area.  It's an area that typically votes Democratic.

Having spent most of my working life around the Michigan Legislature, I understand the importance that a state legislator has.  They make decisions that affect my daily life and how much money I get to keep.

Back to Don Vickers.  Check out his position on the issues.  He wants a better business environment for our county.  Wow.  Should I be surprised and swayed by that?  He wants to keep mid-Michigan working.  Another wow.  Does he point to that as a major difference from his opponent.

The cliches continue.  It's sick that voters would accept that.  Do the Republicans want to throw this seat to the Democrats?  Is Vickers really that shallow?  I'm disappointed.

He needs to give me a REAL reason to vote for him.  He hasn't shown me anything.  Voters deserve better candidates and they have a responsibility to pin candidates down about what they stand for and what makes them tick.